Karnataka Water crisis : Work from home until the monsoon begins

Karnataka Water crisis : Work from home until the monsoon begins

"In Bengaluru the water crisis is getting worse as the working people in bengaluru are requesting the government and the company in which they are working to give them work from home until the water crisis problem gets resolved." 

The Main supply for water in bengaluru is from 2 sources one from Cauvery river and other from groundwater. The City is in a Drought situation, because there has not been enough rain, which causes the drought situation as the level of the river drops. The borewell which used to fill with the rain also got dried due to lack of rain. It affects both drinking water as well as the water used in irrigation. The people are also affected by this crisis as before they used to pay Rs. 800 for Water tankers, but now they increase the price upto Rs. 1500 to 2000 due to water crisis.No major rains in sight as of now in this month said by Karnataka Weather on X (Twitter).

Solution For water Crisis :

The solution is simple as companies should make their employees Work from home because it will reduce the water consumption in the city. Companies make this as optional for anyone who can go to their home or can come to the office for work. Kopparam said on X (Twitter) that paying rent and going home is way better than paying rent + tanker cost + daily travel and expenses.

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