UCC in Uttarakhand: Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami presents the Uniform Civil Code 2024 Bill in the Assembly

UCC in Uttarakhand: Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami presents the Uniform Civil Code 2024 Bill in the Assembly

Today, on February 6th, the Uttarakhand Government led by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Pushkar Singh Dhami introduced the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) Bill in the Assembly. This bill was presented during the ongoing four-day special session of the assembly, which commenced on Monday.

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, the presenter of the bill, made a symbolic entrance into the assembly carrying an original copy of the Indian Constitution.

The bill will now undergo deliberation in the assembly before it can be enacted. The current session of the state assembly has been specifically convened for the purpose of passing the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) bill.

Upon becoming law, Uttarakhand will become the first state in post-Independence India to adopt the UCC, a system already in place in Goa since the days of Portuguese rule.

In preparation, the Uttarakhand Cabinet approved the final draft of the UCC in Uttarakhand on Sunday. This proposed code suggests uniform civil laws for all communities within the state, offering a standardized legal framework for matters such as marriage, divorce, land, property, and inheritance, regardless of religious affiliation.

The passage of the UCC Bill fulfills a significant pledge made by the BJP during the 2022 Assembly elections in Uttarakhand. CM Pushkar Singh Dhami had previously announced the bill's introduction on Twitter, expressing pride in the state's pioneering step towards implementing the UCC.

Meanwhile, Union Minister for Law and Justice Arjun Ram Meghwal stated on Monday that the Uniform Civil Code in Uttarakhand is currently under review by the Law Commission of India. He emphasized the historical significance of the UCC, noting that it was a matter of discussion during the formation of the Indian Constitution. Meghwal also highlighted the autonomy of states to refine or adopt the UCC, citing Goa's previous efforts in this regard, and assured that the Uttarakhand government's initiative aligns with the ongoing national consultation process overseen by the Law Commission.

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