BGMI may get banned soon again ?

BGMI may get banned soon again ?

Battleground mobile india aka BGMI may get banned soon again? yes you heard it right. The most downloaded game in india approx more than 100 million downloads. As per News18 report "senior official from the Union government’s cybersecurity division claimed that the agency has recommended” discontinuing BGMI".

Also they said that the data which the game is collecting can lead to cyber attack and can be harmful for our country.The sources also said that the servers of  BGMI are in the US but the agencies want to make sure that the data is not moving to another server which is situated to any other location.

News18 also mentioned the Seema-haider PUBG story and a teenager who killed his mother because of this game.but these incidents are connected to PUBG game not with BGMI.

According to reports they have scheduled a meeting for next week. After that we will get to know if the game will operate in India or not.

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